Traditional Values

Values are important beliefs that influence what you think and how you act. They are guides that help us respect others and ourselves. People can have their own values that are special to just them. They can also share values with a group, like their family, church, organization, or culture.

Southeast Alaska has traditional values unique to our region. Four of these values are the most important. Learn the core values by playing this game!

In the video below, learn about one of these core values, Haa Aaní:

In Tlingit culture, an important person in the lives of young people are uncles and aunts, or other adults who help teach you traditional values and about life.

This week your challenge is to do a high-energy exercise like running, skiing, or basketball. This exercise should get your heart pumping for at least 20 minutes!  Look on page 4 of your workbook for ideas. After you finish this challenge, enter this week’s contest here: