Physical Wellness

Atxá (snack)
Héen (water)

What does wellness mean to you and your family? How do you stay well? Do you get enough sleep every night? Do you get exercise, sunlight and fresh air? Do you drink lots of water and eat healthy, fresh food? Let us know how you stay well in the comments!

A big part of wellness is drinking lots of water and eating healthy food. There are many healthy foods that we can collect from the beach. Learn about them in this coloring book!

If you prefer to draw rather than color, draw some beach food that you might like to eat!

Salmon are fun to draw:

how to draw a salmon step 6 | Salmon drawing, Fish drawings, Fish coloring  page

This week you have two challenges. The first is to set a goal in your workbook and complete it. The second challenge is to either do as many jumps with your jumprope as you can without tripping, OR to dribble your basketball for as many times as you can without losing control. When you are ready, enter the contest here!