Leadership and Holding Each Other Up

An important traditional value is that we hold each other up when times get hard. All of us need to be leaders at different times in our lives. Positive, caring leaders hold each other up, listen well and with respect, speak with care, and have courage and strength of spirit.

What does it look and sound like when leaders don’t use their power in a positive way? It might look like bullying! Bullies abuse their power over others. Bullies want to control others’ feelings and take away their power. If you see bullying, don’t be a bystander, be an upstander! Here is a video to learn how:

As you heard, there are four ways to stop bullying:

  1. Be a buddy
  2. Interrupt
  3. Speak out
  4. Tell someone

This week’s challenge is to show positive leadership by using the sidewalk chalk from your gift bags to write positive messages outside for others to see.  (If it’s too rainy outside you can use your art supplies to create a poster for hanging in the windows.) Extra credit for taking a photo of your creation and sharing it at the link below!

When you are ready, enter the contest!