Caring for Community

We are all a part of a community, or a group of people that share something – like a place, values or culture. We live in Juneau, and that is our larger community. We also belong to other communities, like our neighborhood or school. How can we help take care of our community? We can use our traditional values.

One traditional value is being a Steward of the Air, Land, and Sea. This means that we must take care of our land, air and sea, so that they can take care of us and all living things.

Another traditional value is Respecting Nature and Property. It is important to respect all things in the world, both living and inanimate. Everything is connected in this world and we are responsible for our past, present, and future. This means we need to treat everything and everybody with respect and gratitude.

For this week’s lesson, we will serve our community in some way. Your workbook has some ideas, and your ideas are valuable too. You can work together with friends or family on the community service. If you need any supplies to complete your project, please let us know.

This week your challenge is to complete your community service project. Please have your adult take a photo of your project so we can see and share! You also have a physical challenge to prepare you for the 2-mile fun run on May 22- to run or jog or hike for 30 minutes in a row! You will know you are exercising hard enough if you can talk while you are exercising but not sing. When you are ready, enter the contest here!